Busby Seo

Here, we can see all the Friends of Morgan Busby Seo Challenge

This contest is not easy, because it's long 3 month... but we can think other, we can help us.
This is the objective of SphereTeam, for this Busby Seo Challenge.
A team, with a group strength of will. And we hope, no, we will won this contest, for the pleasure, for the honor, for the french power!
The game will be difficult, because kangaroo and koala want to put a spanner in the work, however we are patient and determinate.
Maybe much english people think we are only frog-eater, but we will show to them how we are the best!

Why Busby SEO Contest?

That's not a good question, for money of course! No, much reason, but at my level, the most important is could learn with some of the better French Seo Manager, and i would like to learn the maximum of them!
I have some fright, because i see my website vanish to google index, and 24h after, come a new on the first page... It's really interesting but it asks much time.
So, I'm patient, and i try to improve all day, my site.

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Just for Fun

You can help us...

If you're patriot, or cool, or mad ;) or simply friendly, make a link to us with the Key phrase.
That on one page, two pages, all of your pages!

Sincerely, i wish thank all person who support our team, and the French Seo.

You could also send a lot of kiss, we loved that !.. mmmm... ;)
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