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Chiki and the Busby SEO Challenge

Busby Seo Chiki Challenge

Welcome for the First Seo Challenge of Morgan, with Busby !

Morgan a new, restarted with a new page to follow as it is necessary the rules of the Busby Seo Challenge.
I hesitated to abandon the page staff, because of the non compliance with the original rules, but the comments of sphere members woke the competitor who slept in me!
Thus i'am going to place this done page in the second position and we are going to be made a food of phew thanks to Busby Seo Challenge! With kangaroo Busby or not!

How french busby challenge with google maps

The service google maps is an interactive system of busby seo cartography allowing to plan its journeys and routes. At the beginning Google possessed only the maps of the US and Australia (before the Busby Seo Challenge ;) ), but little by little, the offer is widened and so we can visit Paris with its only connection!
Maps Of Paris

Here were one funny video on this service, and putting in the honor Paris and the Parisians! French will win the Challenge Of Busby Seo!

Position of Busby Seo Challenge TOP 20, 10 of July

Actually, the datacenters work a lot, maybe a google dance will arrived...lol !
So, for the moment, god gogole like me, and increase my position on our request.
Today, i'm the 6th, and i hope enter in the top 5 soon! :D But we must be patient, and pay attention because we don't know how tomorrow will be...

Top 20.
Miniatures of the Top 20 of Busby Seo Challenge Google Results 10 of July for Busby Seo Challenge
However, i'm very enjoy to be on the 6th position :)

A busby's video which could help us...

Thanks to Seb, we have a video which may encourage people to link us with the follow link: Busby Seo Challenge

Some bastards try to cheat for Busby...

I have just made a small visit on the temporary classification of the competition, and we can see the usernames of the participants there. Strangely, several usernames returns with much pages, but these pages do not belong to them! For example my page was attributed to " benzema ", but I am El-Cherubin ( or Morgan )! Thus, several participants try to cheat, then pay attention on your pages, and follow the following procedure to authenticate them.

For those having problems with an "incorrect username" assigned to their URL, please place the following meta tag with your username in your page of Busby Seo Challenge, so we can verify the site is truly yours.

Once done, send an email to
and we will update accordingly.

News of French Seo Busby

Today, the nation is in mourning. France did not manage to beat the Nederland, and thus lost its qualifying match 4-1! Inconceivable score, but Busby had to suspect it... His friend SEO Challenge did not have to hesitate one second and to bet on a French defeat! However France is a fighting nation, nothing is decided yet and on Tuesday, the match will be then decisive. Also for this competition, we rise, we fall, but will win the contest!

SEO friendly or not?

My page (Busby Seo Challenge) will be appreciated by google? It will accept to index me carefree... Nothing is less on given the affection which it wears me, but do not worry, although it arrives I shall not abandon Busby!
I am going to learn of the best with this Seo Challenge, and even without earning the $5000, I shall really have obtained much more, that the money does not buy.

The Busby'run is beginning!

Like my picture on header, this seo challenge is a real run, on 3 mounth... Thus, we must keep present with much concentration to win the Busby Seo Challenge.

Run for Busby Seo Challenge